International Secretariat G-Global Nur-Sultan, Temirkazyk 65, office 116 tel .: 7 (7172) 278903

During the years of independence, Kazakhstan has advanced to the forefront of States that not only demonstrate high dynamics of socio-economic development, but also makes a significant contribution to the development of international dialogue on various problems of the world economy and finance, including the formation of a new socio-economic paradigm of a multipolar world.
At the present stage, the processes of the new emerging reality are accompanied by the crisis of the institutions of globalism, the lack of constructive ideas that contribute to the conflict-free transition of civilization to another level of interaction and development. In this context, the world community is increasingly aware that the synergy of the political will of countries with an inclusive position is a powerful potential for reaching a sustainable future with a variety of integration, technical, investment and other opportunities.