1. General provisions 

1.1. This Agreement shall be determined as agreement between ALE «Association of «Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists» (hereinafter – EECSA) and User of services provided by EECSA on the site of G-Global communication platform (hereinafter – Site). 

1.2. While registration the User undertakes the terms of Agreement relating to the use of Services. In case of disagreement with terms of this Agreement, the User shall terminate the use of Site Services, except for Services which are not included in present Agreement.

1.3. Terms of use of separate Services may be additionally determined in the rules of the Site.


2. Services 

2.1. User agrees that for participation in the G-Global info-communication platform it is necessary to register and obtain accreditation, as well as to provide necessary materials and information by request of sections and queries of EECSA. 

2.2. Services in the User Profile are available only after registration.  

2.3. In case of full or partial use of Site materials (texts, photos or videos), it is obligatory to provide a hyperlink to the source of this Site.  


3. Rights and obligations of User

3.1. While registration the User shall give true, accurate and full information about himself in Registration Form.

3.2. The User shall choose a unique login name (account) and access password to the User Profile.

3.3. The User has the right to take advantages of all Services and information of G-Global communication platform Site. 

3.4. The User has the right to waive the Services and information only in case if it does not violate the requirements of the mandatory fields and provision of Services.

3.5. In order to create the work safe from data loss or damage, after completion of work the User must exit a User Profile.



4. Rights and obligations of EECSA

4.1. EECSA has the right to gather information to prepare statistical reports about Users.  

4.2. EECSA has the right to send messages to registered Users containing information about new modification in existing services, as well as news and updates on G-Global and EECSA issues and activities.  

4.3. EECSA does not bear responsibility for loss or damage of information and/or unauthorized access resulting from non-compliance with Site operating rules and safe work in the Internet by User. 

4.4. EECSA is obliged to take all measures for rendering the Services of Site in full, timely and in a quality manner. 

4.5. EECSA is obliged to take all measures for the protection and preservation of confidential information of Users.  

4.6. EECSA reserves the right to transfer information about User to law-enforcement and governmental authorities upon request of corresponding authorities.

4.7. EECSA does not bear responsibility for Services provided by third parties, unless EECSA and third party have any agreement.



5. Restrictions: 

5.1. It is prohibited: 

5.1.1. Prohibited to use names (login names), subscriptions containing indecent vocabulary, website addresses, e-mail, etc. for displaying on the Site;

5.1.2. Prohibited to publish misleading information;

5.1.3. Prohibited to use indecent vocabulary and/or offensive language (even in disguised form);

5.1.4. Prohibited to offend anyone, directly or indirectly, to express contempt and/or to be rude with the participants;

5.1.5. Prohibited to create messages that violate any law of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

5.1.6. Prohibited to advertise any goods and services in messages, subscriptions or icons without special permission from administration of the info-communication platform;

5.1.7. Prohibited to create the same theme or messages in different sections;

5.1.8. Prohibited to create topics with questions, the answers to which are given by FAQ;

5.1.9. Prohibited to create new topics with titles that do not reflect the nature of the problem or issue;

5.1.10. Prohibited to carry on a conversation about "free topics", to create topics that do not correspond to the Info-communication site, or send messages that do not match the topic under discussion (off-topic)

5.1.11. Prohibited to provide links to unlicensed commercial software (Varese), program for its hacking (cracks) and key generators, as well as materials that are protected by copyright (books, music, videos, etc.);

5.1.12. Prohibited to create messages that do not carry a particular conceptual meaning in the context of the topic under discussion (flood);

5.1.13. Prohibited to create messages containing specially made mistakes;

5.1.14. Prohibited to create links in subscriptions that do not correspond the subject of the forum;

5.1.15. Prohibited to create messages in CAPITAL LETTERS or mixed capital and common letters ("tHaT's tHe WaY"), excessive highlighting of text in order to attract attention in bold print, italics, underline differing from standard color, font and font size for messages of Info-communication platform;

5.1.16. Prohibited unauthorized moderation, namely prohibition to participant of Info-communication platform who is not a moderator of the Info-communication platform to make comments to other participants,;

5.1.17. Prohibited to discuss the punishment made by a moderator or administrator;

5.2. It is not recommended: 

5.2.1. Not recommended to transliterate because it is uncomfortable to read for other participants. There are methods that allow you to convert transliterated text into Cyrillic. You can find these methods on this page. The administration reserves the right to close the topic where users are constantly transliterating and ignoring this paragraph of rules;

5.2.2. Not recommended to create icons, subscriptions and messages violating or offending the values ​​of representatives of various religious groups. Administration reserves the right to delete such messages without warning;

5.2.3. Not recommended to create subscription in a language that is not appropriate for language section. Russian forum users must understand what the other participants of the forum write. English and Russian languages ​​are international languages. The administration reserves the right to delete such subscriptions after notifying the user via Personal Messages;

5.2.4. Not recommended raise the topic repeatedly, if the answer to this question is not received in a timely manner. In case of multiple raising of the topic by messages like "up", it can be regarded as a violation.



6. Confidentiality and personal information 

6.1. User agrees and understands that he is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of passwords associated with any account used for access to the Site Services.

6.2. The user is responsible to the administration of the Site for all actions committed with the use of account.

6.3. If the user becomes aware of any unauthorized use of his/her password or account, the User shall immediately notify the EECSA or administration of the Site at

6.4. Administration of the Site observes the confidentiality of messages and the privacy of Users, except for the cases stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

6.5. User consents about the use of personal information in generalized form for marketing research, despite the fact that personal data of the User will not be passed to third parties under any circumstances.

6.6. In case of detection of the loss of information and materials, and the availability of Site in the internet, the User should immediately notify EECSA or administration of the Site.



7. Copyrights compliance at the forum 

7.1. The publication of content on the Info-communication platform is prohibited without permission of rightholders. The user must place only his/her own texts and files, or with permission of rightholders.

7.2. As the publication on the Info-communication platform is automatic without the prior approval of messages by moderators or administration, the User of Info-communication platform agrees that in case of violation of item 1 Section 6 of this Agreement, he/she is personally and fully responsible for copyright infringement.

7.3. Use of information materials from is prohibited without the prior written consent of administration. 



8. Additional provisions 

8.1. The User agrees that EECSA is not responsible for any losses and moral damage caused in connection with the use or inability to use the Site Services.

8.2. Particularly, EECSA makes no representation or warranty that:

- Services rendered by EECSA will meet your requirements;

- Services will not be interrupted, will always be available at a convenient time for you, will be safe and will not be liable to errors or failures or unauthorized attacks;

- any information obtained by you as a result of use of the Services will be accurate and reliable.

8.3. EECSA, for its part, shall take all necessary measures to ensure the smooth and proper operation of the Site, as well as rapid response to User requests in case of technical or other problems occurred while registration or use of the User profile.



9. Liabilities of the parties 

9.1. The participant of Info-communication platform is independently and fully responsible for the content of any information posted by him/her on Info-communication platform, including information which is contrary to applicable law.

9.2. The Administration of Info-communication platform shall not be liable for any claims of third parties that may arise in connection with the information and the actions of Participant of Info-communication platform or the breach of User Agreement by Participant of Info-communication platform.

9.3. The Administration of Info-communication platform shall not be liable in case of loss of information contained in messages of Participant of Info-communication platform.

9.4. The Administration is not responsible for information provided by advertisers.

9.5. The Administration of Info-communication platform is not responsible for any malfunction of computer systems while using the Info-communication platform, as well as delays and failures in providing services of Info-communication platform.

9.6. The Participant of Info-communication platform shall bear all risks associated with the use of the Info-communication platform. The Administrator of Info-communication platform does not provide the Participant of Info-communication platform with any additional guarantees, other than those assigned to him by applicable law.

9.7. All actions associated with the use of the Services must comply with the rules and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

9.8. All possible claims and disputes concerning infringement of User Agreement may be appealed to the court in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



10. Validity of User Agreement 

10.1. The User Agreement shall enter into force on the date of acceptance of it by Participant on the site of Info-communication platform by registering on it.

10.2. Each party shall have the right to terminate the User Agreement unilaterally at any time.

10.3. The Administrator of Info-communication platform has the right to change the content of the User Agreement unilaterally, as shall notify the Participant no later than three days after making this change. In this case, the changes will take effect within seven days from the date of their publication on the Info-communication platform.



11. Final provisions 

11.1. Rules on consumer protection may not be applicable to this Agreement, by virtue of the fact that the providing of the Info-communication platform to the Participant of Info-communication platform is gratuitous.

11.2. This Agreement is not an agreement on mutual cooperation, employment or any other relationship, that are not directly provided by this Agreement.

11.3. Inaction on the part of the Administration of Info-communication platform in the event of breach of the terms of Info-communication platform set forth in this Agreement by Participant does not mean abandoning of the administration of Info-communication platform from the appropriate actions which may be taken later.


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