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10 years AEF

12 April 2017

In June 2017 there will be the 10th Astana Economic Forum (LINK) - initiated by Kazakhstan's President Nazarbayev - supported by G-Global, the Eurasian Club of Scientists, the Astana Club of Nobel Laureates and the European Retail Academy. In the same week EXPO 2017 is opened in Astana: a light-house for saving energy to become a more Green Economy.


For Prof. Dr. B.Hallier a "green economy" is a Global House of Harmony between Economics, Ecology and Ethics. Also the two terms "micro-credits" and "social business" play a major role in this concept: those two key-words had been also focused in the works of the Nobel Peace Laureates Prof. Dr. Wangari Muta Maathai from Africa (Laureate 2004) and Prof. Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh (Laureate 2006) - Prof. Yunus at the photo together with Prof. M. Fedorov and Prof. B. Hallier at the Astana Economic Forum 2014. Africa and the Indian sub-continent have a lot in common, Hallier said - and they should be enabled by the World Community to feed themselves by stopping food losses and food waste.


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На снимке столько Нобелевских лауреатов, воочию увидевшие и не раз новый город, новую столицу в степи. Уж точно им не снилась столица, как Астана, за 18 лет превратившая в современный город. ЭКСПО-2017 - еще раз доказывает, что Казахстан движется, как барс, прыжками, способными удивить мировое сообщество экспертов, политологов, общественных деятелей, конечно же, лауреатов Нобелевских премий.