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Modern problems of genetic stability and variability: theory and practice

17 November 2016

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics of Kazakh National University named Al-FARABI conducts the International Internet-conference "Modern problems of genetic stability and variability: theory and practice"

The working languages ​​of the International Conference: English, Russian, Kazakh.

The date of conference: 18th November of 2016.

Conference location: The Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty city, Kazakh National University named AL-FARABI, the GAM 6 (Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology), Aud. 535.

The conference will be held in the on-line on discussion platform G-global mode in 18th  November of 2016, 1430 till 1730. The participants of conference will present a short report, presentation or video (in a volume of 1-2 pp. 10-12 slides, 7-12 minute videos). According to the results of the conference the accounting material will be prepared with performances.


The main directions of the conference:

1. Actual problems of General Genetics and Breeding

2. Nutrigenetika

3. Cellular, chromosomal and genetic engineering

4. Natural and cultural genetic resources and gene pools: study, preservation and application

5. Medical and ecological genetics

6. Youth for G – global education

Co-organizers of the conference: speakers and research centers - prof. T. Berger, University of Poitiers, France; prof. B. Karani, University of Reading, UK; prof. M.K. Saparbayev, Gustave Institute of Russia, France; prof. Omelyanchuk L.V., Russia

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