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PRESS RELEASE About carrying out conference online within 1 Republican youth competition "Youth for G-Global"

08 February 2017


About carrying out conference online within 1 Republican youth competition

"Youth for G-Global"

February 13, 2017 at 14: 00 in al-FarabiKazakh national University held

an online conference on the theme "Art education and art therapy in the modern educational paradigm"in the framework of this project of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "The Art pedagogy and art therapy for the prevention of suicidal behavior among young people in Kazakhstan: development of scientific bases and practical technologies"

Conference organizers:

Scientific-innovative center of educational researches, Department of pedagogy and educational management, faculty of philosophy and political science,al-FarabiKazNU.


Responsible:Director Scientific-innovative center of educational researches– associate Professor Kassen G. A.; Deputy Head of the Department. Department of scientific-innovative activity and international cooperation – candidate of pedagogic Sciences, acting docent of the Department KudaibergenovaA. M.

The participants of the conference:undergraduates of specialty "Social Pedagogics and Self-cognition" and "Pedagogic and Psychology a conference it is planned to hear the following scientific reports:

The conference will hear the following main scientific reports:

1. Art therapy in the space of educational institutions - Madaliyeva Z. B., head of Department of General and ethnic psychology, corresponding member of NAEN RK, a specialist in the field of art therapy and cognitive psychotherapy, the doctor of psychological Sciences, Professor

2. The global experience of art therapy and art education schools - Kassen G. A., Director of Scientific-innovative Centre of educational researches, associate Professor.

The circle of discussed problems:

Art pedagogy: current state and prospects of development

Art pedagogy: new opportunities for development and socialization

Art pedagogy in the conditions of classical University of technology more personality’s growth of the student

Applied problems of art therapy and art pedagogy


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