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PRESS – RELEASE. А round- table videoconference Implementation and development of the technique “Standardized patient”

31 January 2017


South - Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy holds a round- table videoconference at G-global communicative platform

Implementation and development of the technique “Standardized patient”

Date: January 31th, 2017.

Venue: South - Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy, Shymkent, Al – Farabi Square 1, the main building, the small Academy Hall. 

Registration of the participants: 14.30- 15.00

Start:15.00 – 16.00

         To improve efficiency and optimize educational and methodical processat the present stage it is necessary to focus on the implementation of programs having methodology which teaches not just knowledge, but knowledge-skills. Thetechnique“Standardizedpatient”completely meetstheserequirements.

The Road map for theproject implementation “Modernization of medical education for 2016-2019” provides a database and implementation of a training program for standardized patients.

         The technique of standardized patients is a form of simulation training at medical universities of Kazakhstan. This technique is necessary to teach a student how to work with a patient and to make this work a rote one. Thus, a student’s skills are fully formed as well as a set of communication skills needed for effective communication with a patient and his relatives.

         During this round tablethere will be discussed some variants of the competency approach to the technique “Standardized patient” with a focus on final outcomes of education and more objective methods of assessing this form of teaching at all educational levels. Videoconferenceparticipants will share their experience on the implementation and development of the technique “Standardized patient” with the universities of Kazakhstan. The teaching staff of SKSPhA and the representatives of medical universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan will take part in the discussion.


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