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Promoting G-Global Worldwide

29 November 2016

Pakistani Expert, Lead Coordinator of Institute of Policy Studies (Islamabad) Muhammad Irfan Shahzad, came up with his ideas on Promoting G-Global Worldwide:

1) Making G-Global a Forum for Airing Expectations of the People from Expo 2017: From now till actual happening of the Expo, the forum may be used for recording and airing (and of course live webcast) of what the global opinion leaders (political, academia, business, media) say about Expo 2017. What positive outcomes do they think will the Expo bring for the people of Kazakhstan and for Central Asia / CIS as a region. What are their aspiration that what their country / entity would be doing in the EXPO, what would be the level of this country's / entity's participation and what they feel would be the positive outcome for them. This can be done on weekly / fortnightly basis - while doing some homework on who to be contacted and in what manner. A list of potential people will have to be prepared and then contacted. their comments may be conducted through on the spot presence of some G-Global representative as well as online.

2) Making G-Global a Live Web Channel During the Expo: For this purpose, the suggestion is to mark the independence days and other important national days of the countries having their pavilions in the Expo, which fall during the starting and end date of the Expo. Interviews of the ambassadors (based in Astana) and heads of pavilions of those countries about the EXPO can be conduced and webcast on those special days for them, through the period of the Expo.

This job requires the involvement of a person who knows about the country being involved, about its economic and political landscape, and to ask the right question that is pertinent, direct and positively linked with EXPO. This will ensure a positive image of Kazakhstan and Expo in those countries people. Web announcement. introductory emails should be sent academia and media (including universities and think tanks) in those countries to generate sizeable traffic on the G-Global website on those days. The job needs a well-versed international journalist; who knows the regional and global scene as well as Kazakhstan and its initiatives. I can personally make myself available for the mentioned above Initiative of Kazakhstan and it President.

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