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А video conference themed "I am for life!"

10 November 2016

Date: 11- November, 2016

Venue: the city of Shymkent, Al-Farabi Square, 1

South Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy, main building

Registration of participants: 13.30-14.00

Start: 14.00

Healthy lifestyle - it's active work on improvement, aimed, first and foremost, to the preservation and promotion of health. Po, the latest figures, health on 53-55% depends on a healthy lifestyle. Hence it is evident how important the observance of healthy lifestyle.

In the program of strategic development "Kazakhstan - 2030" N. Nazarbayev said: "To enhance a healthy lifestyle, each of us must take a direction on physical training, proper nutrition, avoiding drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, cleanliness and health standards."

The people said: "Health - a great wealth of human happiness begins with him." Indeed, the health of the nation - a great wealth, but so that we have it, you need to make a lot of effort. Health - a natural gift that gives a person only once. To save it is necessary to direct all its activities to ensure that does not hurt. This requires sound knowledge, diligence, will, without this constant and long-term health is difficult to maintain. Activities ongoing in this direction in order to reduce the influence of the factors that cause the disease are working to promote the harm of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and drugs.

Among the main objectives of the State of Health of the program for 2016-2019 "Densaulyk" called the strengthening of people's health, which is at the heart of health welfare, ensuring the prevention of exposure to harmful factors, the promotion of good nutrition and healthy lifestyle revitalization.

In a video conference involving the faculty and students of the Department of morphological and physiological sciences, physical education with valeology, South Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy and  Department of Pathological Physiology them. JA Lazaris Karaganda State Medical University.
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