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Basel III implementation: problems and challenges for Kazakhstan banking system

08 February 2015
Authors: Aidana Sadibeckova
Bibliography and references
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24.02.2015 00:17:26
Kazakh banks have a lot of faults, since crisis in 2008 they still slow growthof the world economy. There are no investments for divercification of economy.
27.03.2015 12:32:42
cording to the statistics of the National Bank, last year the growth rate of total loans decreased by half. Particularly strong lending subsided population, which has become in recent years a growth driver for the second-tier banks: in 2014, its volume increased by only 10.7% against 27% in 2013; dynamics of corporate lending and has always been low - in 2013, the gross portfolio grew by 8%, but last year the pace has slowed to 5.6% (all calculations - according to the National Bank).
10.03.2015 10:44:43
The transition to the new requirements would create problems for many banks, because they are strongly associated with its subsidiaries, and in making the standard Basel III capital investments in such companies are deducted from equity.
27.03.2015 12:33:58
The growth of the loan portfolio (other than loans to the population and non-banking organizations, National Bank of statistics in this category also allows for loans to other banks, loans and finance lease, the amount of provisions, and so on) on January 1, 2015 with respect to the beginning of 2014 even lower - 6 7%.
10.03.2015 10:54:59
In Kazakhstan since January 2015. Began a gradual transition to the second-tier banks Bazel3 standards. Since January 2015, were increased capital requirements of banks and provided their gradual increase in 2016. and in the final on January 1, 2019.
27.03.2015 12:34:42
Market participants themselves see no reason for concern: loans grew even more rapidly than last year, they argue, but in the final figures influenced writing off non-performing loans or transfer them to the management companies distressed asset.
27.03.2015 12:35:13
As of January 1 of this year, the share of NPL to total loan portfolio decreased from 31% to 23.55%; in absolute terms - from 4.15 trillion KZT to 3.3 trillion; about a trillion tenge decreased the amount of provisions.