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Central Asia’s largest solar power plant to launch in Karaganda region

10 October 2017

The project is fully funded by foreign direct investments from the European Union and has the support of public and private investment structures from the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia.

“Seven projects in the green energy sector have been introduced in the region. All the innovative projects were presented at the Nur Alem national pavilion during EXPO 2017. Three of them have already been implemented to solve a number of issues,” said Karaganda region akimat (administration) press service head Aliya Syzdykova.

The projects involve a biogas plant launched in Dubovka village which uses organic waste technology to produce electricity, heat and organic fertilizers. Electricity generated from a small, 570-kilowatt hydropower plant operating at Intumak Reservoir is supplied to the Amangeldy village public networks through the Karaganda Zharyk power system. ABsalut Ecology, an innovative gas cleaning system, was also launched to address energy issues and purify industrial emissions.

“Two more projects are currently under implementation, including the solar power plant in Saran and the hydrodynamic fluid media heater. The heater was developed by specialists of Karaganda State Technical University. Several experimental installations were developed and produced. They showed that significant energy savings can be achieved during the pilot tests,” said industrial and innovative development department head Galymzhan Zhumasultanov

The projects using second generation biofuels and aluminium-fumed heaters are operating in test mode. The advanced biofuels were developed by specialists at Buketov Karaganda State University using perennial grasses as a raw material. Developers are now seeking investors ready to support the project and bring it to production. Designed for industrial and domestic buildings, the aluminium-fumed heaters have a high coefficient of efficiency.

Zhumasultanov noted universities and development institutes selected the most promising foreign developments among 35 presented at the expo. The projects involve recycling and processing solid domestic waste, energy saving and energy efficiency and alternative energy sources.

“Six companies, including the Kazakhmys Corporation, Kazakhmys Smelting, Eurasian Foods, Dala Mining, Kazgeology and GorKomTrans, expressed interest in launching technologies developed by foreign experts,” he added.

The projects are intended as part of the Business Road Map.


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