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14 December 2016
Authors: Verner V. V.

Level of social and economic development is the most important indicators of any state reflecting all the aspects of a standard of living of the population. Such indicators as belong to the main indicators of social and economic development: gross domestic product per person, unemployment, level of salaries, the volume of investment into fixed capital per person, a ratio of the average per person monetary income and size of a living wage, the population share with the monetary income is lower than the size of a living wage, etc.

One of the most significant indicators characterizing the level of social and economic development of the country is the gross domestic product per person. Over the last 10 years from 2006 to 2015, GDP per person in natural numbers has grown practically by 3 times from a mark 5 291,6 to 12 424 US dollars [1]. In recent years this indicator falls in a dollar equivalent because of instability of national currency.

The following factor of social and economic development, in inverse proportion to influencing GDP per person is unemployment rate. A. Ouken has removed dependence according to which excess of the actual employment rate for 1% in comparison with natural level leads to lag of the actual GDP in comparison with potential approximately for 2,5% [2].

The number of the unemployed in the Republic of Kazakhstan by an assessment in January, 2016 has made 457,6 thousand people that in percentage expression to previous year makes 99,65 percent. Unemployment rate has made 5,1% to the number of economically active population. If to take unemployment rate over the last ten years, it has fallen from 7,8 percent to economically active population. The number of the persons registered in bodies of employment as the unemployed has increased by 40,17 percent on comparisons with previous year and it has made 66,3 thousand people or 0,7% to the number of economically active population. It is known that the phenomenon of unemployment represents the difficult social and economic phenomenon when the part of economically active population isn't engaged in a social production of goods and services, can't realize the physical and mental capacities by means of labor market, and it is reflected in decrease in their standard of living.

Bibliography and references
1. Ministry of national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Committee on statistics, 2. Popov A.I., the Economic theory – "PITER", 2007.

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