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Green Economy providing social Innovation, economic diversification and environmental sustainability


United Nations Development Programme 


The concept of "green economy" provides the opportunity to address today’s climatic, environmental, social, financial and economic challenges. Kazakhstan has acknowledged this by adapting the Concept of Green Economy at the national level in 2013. 


In light of current challenges, the immediate question is to identify sectors which provide the best opportunities to realize the value added from implementing the concept of green growth, taking into account the social protection of the population and the need to maintain citizens’ living standards.  

Key issues:

This embodies the cogent definition of green growth by the Government of Kazakhstan as a narrative that enables rethinking growth strategies with regard to their impacts on environmental and economic sustainability, economic diversification and social inclusiveness.  

Socio-economic inclusion and growth assumes a pivotal role in operationalizing the construct of green growth in Kazakhstan’s policy planning and implementation process. The clear emphasis should be on a green growth strategy that generates development, economic diversification and social welfare while achieving economic-, social- and environmental returns.
More than half of Kazakhstan's population live in an urban context. Cities can act as an entry point for green economy approaches providing an opportunity to demonstrate the viability of the concept. Experiences from European Union member states demonstrated that the use of the Green Economy tools for urban development in periods of economic changes promoted the development of sustainable urban infrastructure, created new employment and generated economic growth in issues through the integration of green infrastructure; the introduction of the resource-saving technologies; and the use of renewable energy sources;
The session Green Economy providing social Innovation, economic diversification and environmental sustainability intends to demonstrate how the successful experience of the European Union cities, as well as the positive experience of integration of mentioned instruments by UNDP in the Kazakh water sector could provide entry points for green growth interventions that would positively contribute to Kazakhstan’s national policy vision.



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The goal of the EXPO 2017 is to apply green economy and to use it in our future.
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