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Kazakhstan Privatization Forum


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The privatization of more than 60 state owned firms, and many more smaller ones, is firmly underway in Kazakhstan. Announced late last year, the Government’s plans are ambitious and far reaching, as the State builds on its membership of the World Trade Organization, aiming to join the G30 and OECD in the coming years. 


• Evaluating the profile and prospects for the infrastructure companies on the market • Rewards and risk of investing in national infrastructure - public/ private – cooperation or competition? • How are infrastructure investments being offered – what level of Government supports are available? 

Key issues:

Kazakhstan is Central Asia’s biggest energy producer and the current privatization drive looks set to transform the ownership of key organizations in the oil, gas, nuclear and other sectors. How will the privatizations happen in practice and under what conditions? • What the outlook for growth and development in Kazakhstan’s energy sector - how influenced is it by global commodity and currency developments? • Analyzing and evaluating the organizations in the privatization plan – performance and prospects • What are the routes to investment and ownership for local, regional and international investors? Assessing Government support and incentives • Trends and developments in financing acquisitions in this sector 

With companies including KazMunayGas, Kazakhtelecom, Kazakstan Temir Zholy, Kazatomprom and Samruk Energy on the market, a wealth of opportunities exists for regional and international investors keen to get a foothold in this key gateway economy. The FT’s upcoming Kazakhstan Privatization Forum, co-organized in partnership with Samruk-Kazyna, will provide comprehensive information on how the process will work in practice, the drivers behind it and the developments to date.
The event is held on 26th May 2016, the main day of the Astana Economic Forum.
The agenda will feature keynote contributions from Prime Minister Massimov and senior figures leading the privatization drive. Attendees will benefit from in-depth analysis on the economic outlook for Kazakhstan, particularly following the reforms and restructuring pursued by the authorities. Panel discussions will focus on the investment prospects in the energy and infrastructure sectors and will include insights from the Chief Executive Officers of some of the companies marked for privatization, as well as financiers and other experts in these markets.