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Bridging the digital divide between people and countries


Ministry for Investments and Development, Republic of Kazakhstan JSC NIH “Zerde" 


Nowadays the dynamic development of information and communication technologies (ICT) affect economic growth of the country and lead to changes in all aspects of society. 


Exchange of experience, expansion of international cooperation and elaboration of recommendations for the further development of digital Kazakhstan. 

Key issues:

- Digital infrastructure; - Customer-oriented state; - Creative society; - Digital industry. 

ICTs, permeating all areas of daily human activity is one of the most significant in terms of impact on private and working life, social sphere, economy, image and status in the world community.
Considering the trends of ICT development in the Republic of Kazakhstan on November 24, 2015 it was adopted the Law "On Informatization", with changes and additions to Laws 30 and 9 of the Codes of the Republic of Kazakhstan, along with 93 sub-legal acts regulating the issues of Informatization.
Also on behalf of the head of state it is developed a new "Digital Kazakhstan 2020"  program, the main priorities of which will be: completion of ensuring the population's access to broadband Internet, increase of the society's digital literacy, continued development of e-government and more.
At the annual site of Global conference the AEF will discuss the methods, tools and ways to overcome the digital gap, as well as development of digital infrastructure, industry and establishment of creative society.
Discussion of issues related to identifying problems, finding and applying new solutions to ICT development are relevant for not only today's Kazakhstan but also for the CIS countries and far abroad. Activities planned in the AEF 2016 will provide new opportunities and solutions for ICT development in Kazakhstan.



There are no publications in this session
There are no publications in this session