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WORKSHOP. Prospects for use of blockchain technology in the public administration


Economic Research Institute,

Kazakhtelecom JSC 






Key issues:

Blockchain Technology Development

  • Current state of technology platforms
  • Technological limitations to blockchain technology development and tentative solutions. Issue of network scalability in the context of stratified architecture of internet of things.
  • Technology leaders: international corporations` projects in the sphere of dispersed data.

Blockchain application

  • Blockchain in public administration. New opportunities for the tax sphere and proprietary right.
  • Reducing transaction costs in the insurance market by means of blockchain.
  • Blockchain advantages for safety systems.
  • Role of state and private institutes in the development of blockchain potential.

Decentralized financial systems and currencies. Industries and markets development scenarios

  • Introduction of universal solutions and systems compatibility.
  • Compliance risks
  • Developing legislative framework for the regulation of cryptocurrencies and quasi-money.
  • Role of National Bank and changes in banking system. Participation of local banks in R3CEV  Consortium.
  • Bitcoin regulation in the EU and worldwide.
  • Corporate consumer in the highly competitive blockchain market.