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Unit-1. Prospects and scenarios of world energetics development up to 2050.







Key issues:

1. Technologies and sources of future energy – fundamental trends and prospects. 2. Energy efficiency concept on production and consumption of energy. 3. World ocean energy – not only waves. 4. Electricity and energy of atmosphere and near-Earth space.   What should we do when oil, gas, and coal runs out? There is a great number of unusual ways to get energy from renewable sources. It was nuclear energy that we had earlier called as an alternative that could replace oil and gas. However, after the Fukushima accident having led to a significant burst of deadly radiation, many countries started to think on the danger of peaceful atom. As a result, the global community interest focused on nonconventional power sources. The promising areas included solar and wind energetics, biofuels and mini-hydro system, including power stations working on geothermal energy and tide energy. 


There are no publications in this session
There are no publications in this session