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Unit-2. Balance of energetic trilemma: safety







Key issues:

1. Future energy – Prospects of developing global energy. 2. Green technologies – solving the energy problem. 3. Power supply system in agriculture and its effect to ecology.   Kazakhstan’s power sector is one of the leading parts of the country social and economic life. This sector manufactures significant part of industrial products and the country is developing widely because of energy sources export. So it is very important to identify the main long-term strategy of energetics development. Transfer to environmental economy and sustainable development economy is connected to the rise of production and consumption of natural resources, their depletion, degradation and nonrenewability, which, in its turn, makes negative effect to the country development. Transfer to sustainable development is a vital necessity for the Republic of Kazakhstan. Many social and economic issues of the Republic of Kazakhstan are based on historically formed imbalance, when its resources consumption is disproportional to their production. 


There are no publications in this session
There are no publications in this session