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Unit-3. Development trends of world energy resources







Key issues:

1. Modern trends of developments in technologies of using fuel-and-energy raw materials. 2. Innovative potential of nuclear energy. 3.Innovative technologies of low carbon development: RES and emissions trading system.   Experts forecast that by the year of 2030, at about 35% of world energy will be produced from renewable sources. Using RES becomes one of the most important trends of the XXI century energetics. In this regard, Kazakhstan should take certain steps to develop its alternative energetic potential even today. Otherwise it will get not differentiated, but single-oriented energetics in the mid-term, having coal as the main fuel. Introducing new fuels should facilitate innovative development of the Kazakhstan energy sector, diversify its structure, recover the country ecologic situation and contribute to finding effective solution of energy supply issues of the republic economy. 


There are no publications in this session
There are no publications in this session