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Unit-4. Energy market







Key issues:

1.Investments, transfer of technologies, venture activities. 2.Energy infrastructure, corporate structure of energetics, international energetic cooperation. 3.Energy users market, transportation, logistics 4. Legislative regulation of energy industry.   It is now generally recognized that energy became global goods and energy market, as many specialists consider, became much alike to the financial market. In this regard, forming civilized energy market, and not the discriminative economic relations its subjects have between themselves, as well as with the government, is the main means to solve the tasks government set to the energetics for the nearest future. At that, restricting its functions as an economic entity, the government strengthens its role in forming market infrastructure, as a regulator of market relations. As far as there is no energy without energy source and without energy carrier, therefore, speaking about energy markets, we assume not only energy, which is correct for electricity markets, for example, but even the markets of related energy carriers: oil, gas, coal, uranium, wood, renewable energy sources, hydro energetics, etc.).