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GlobaLook Platform - world processes through the prism of G-global


L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University 


Target Audience: GlobaLook Platform aims to corporate young audiences in our country and recognized experts in the field of economics, politics, international relations, etc. 


Tasks: - Search for interesting, exciting topics for discussion; - Identify the most urgent and important issues for discussion and implementation of projects; - Involvement of experienced experts in the fields of communication with youn gaudiences; - The organization of interactive, open, public discussion and debate with the participation of Kazakhan all interested young people; - Improving the image and role of young Kazakhstan experts in the world community; - Platform Promotion in the global internet space.  

Key issues:

Objective: To create conditions using modern popular forms of communication for youth involvement in the search for solutions to current problems, as well as receiving interesting and fresh information about the global processes.  Globalization is a powerful real aspect of the new world system, as well as one of the most influential forces in determining the future course of the world. The globalization phenomenon of the modern world today, covers not only the economy and business, but also the political and social spheres of almost all countries of the world. The present stage of social development characterized by an extraordinary increase in the role of youth in all spheres of life: economics, politics, spirituality. Youth is becoming more visible and influential force in the international arena. Social activity of the young generation is the most important driving force of social development. As you know, modern information technology, and created on the basis of their social networks are one of the most popular sources of communication of young people. The Internet presents a huge variety of social networks, which are used for different purposes - support for communication, entertainment, dating, job search, discussion of pressing issues. The proposed GlobaLook will think-tank for young people in search of information and answers to important questions; gateway to the opinion of artwork; Platform, which presents the best ideas and proposals for the solution of various existing and emerging problems in the global context of the world system.