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The role of religion in the spiritual development.


Al Farabi Kazakh National University 


Today, religion occupies an increasingly important place in the life of not only a single particular person, but society as a whole. Everywhere there is a "revival" of religious rites, cults and beliefs. In today's society religion takes a strong place, and every day the number of believers is just skyrocketing. Therefore, of great interest is the question of the place occupied by religion in the spiritual and moral upbringing and education of modern man. This is primarily due to the fact that religion has a significant impact on the economy, politics, education, and culture. The growing role of religion in public life is the fact that some religious holidays in countries have received official status and are marked side by side with other public holidays. 


The formation of friendly human relations and interpersonal relations to religion in representatives of different faiths. Consensus among the secular, socio - economical, spiritual, moral, and religious upbringing of each person, the population of the countries and regions to preserve the stability of the global world.  

Key issues:

The philosophy of the various religions, religious principles, norms, and values. Secular forms of exposure on humanity, such as family, school, and university. The tolerant attitude towards religious believer’s ideas and feelings of other faiths. Faith as a spiritual condition of man, reflecting his connection with God. The relation of the believer to the world, to others and to himself. Religion as a means of human manipulation, their consciousness, thoughts, feelings and will. Determination of the place of religion in modern life and society. Religious fanaticism and religious extremism. The reasons for the transformation of the main intentions inherent in all religions – salvation of the soul - to the increasingly irrational character.  

Today, religion occupies an increasingly important place in the life of not only a single particular person, but society as a whole. Everywhere there is a "revival" of religious rites, cults and beliefs. In today's society religion takes a strong place, and every day the number of believers is just skyrocketing. Therefore, of great interest is the question of the place occupied by religion in the spiritual and moral upbringing and education of modern man. This is  primarily due  to the fact that religion has a significant impact on the economy, politics, education, and culture. The growing role of religion in public life is the fact that some religious holidays in countries have  received official status and are marked side by side with other public holidays. Schools and colleges are actively taught the subject "Religious Studies", indicating the growing needs of people in religious education and resolution of many issues, bearing a distinct religious and unworldly character. However, in the context of globalization there exist significant differences of opinion on the assessment of the readership historical- social and spiritual and moral aspects of the role of religion in today's controversial multi-polar world.




12.05.2015 15:16:07
The way to faith in God with our characters was very different, and this is important, because it means that we have talked with the Orthodox different generations, that is, our sample is sufficiently representative.
12.05.2015 15:32:46
Some of them came to the church through science. "By faith I have come directly through their research when it became clear that some balk at the wall and then have to move without it is absolutely impossible. The subject of my doctorate, which I, unfortunately, not completed - "Structural dynamics systems."
12.05.2015 18:07:32
And there arose a number of fundamental questions about space and time. Here, I had to finish the job. But after it became clear to me that without the Creator, the Creator of all things without the world could not be and can not exist "- says Valery Bocharov, General Director of" National League facilitate Valuation, auditing and consulting activities.
12.05.2015 18:15:14
Some, like the president of "European Legal Service" Sergei Bekrenev being baptized in infancy, consciously believe later. "I do not remember exactly when it happened, but one day I realized that modern man there is no distinction between truth and reality. Reality can be known, having all five known senses. But to understand the truth, this is not enough, - says Sergey Bekrenev. - I do not know what to call it a sixth sense, but I feel it is thin at birth. But to deny its existence means to be like the blind or deaf, denying sight or hearing world. "
13.05.2015 11:47:49
For some, that all changed virtually instantaneously. "I did not understand what the church is not thought about what faith is, and even over what is God. In 2003, I went to the Holy Land in the delegation. I arrived to a tourist and came back a man who has rethought everything.
13.05.2015 12:59:34
There was a shining moment: in the Church of the Resurrection has a stove anointing, I saw how people kneel, applied to it, and did the same. A rose is already a different person. That's how I happened "- says the owner of the trading floor" "Sergei Gabestro.
13.05.2015 12:59:57
Someone came to faith gradually, back in the days when it was possible for it to suffer. "It was already back in 1981. Hard to say what was the cause. Reflections about the world, reading philosophical literature, painting and poetry - all together led to the decision.
13.05.2015 13:55:23
Helped Christian friends. They sent me to the direction in which the boat is sailing my life so far - into the mainstream of the Russian Orthodox Church - says George Gupalo, CEO and chief editor of "Dar", specialized in the publication of Orthodox literature.
13.05.2015 15:12:15
In those years, it was impossible to come to the church and the gospel, or even buy a prayer book. We had to write a statement in the name of the headman, stating the place of residence and place of study or work. In half of the temples elders were employees of one organization three letters. In the other half - we had to report and inform.
13.05.2015 15:43:11
The next day, the signal goes to the Komsomol cell at the place of study - and farewell to the red diploma. In short, the official purchase Prayer Book for the parish could not be considered. Therefore, my Christian friends have made small feat: they bought for a penny a notebook and copied morning and evening prayers and the rule for Holy Communion with the succession.
13.05.2015 20:41:15
Those who know the volume of all these prayers, will realize that it was for the act. Prayer that still have as one of the main shrines. "
13.05.2015 20:47:06
Someone insists on an exceptional awareness of his choice. "A man comes to faith, not because of something lacking. This is his conscious moral choice. Although me and baptized at a very early age, I'm not an adherent of a particular religion, ecumenism is close to me. Faith for me - an internal scale of values. The person should choose those values and take responsibility for moral choice, "- says CEO of" 2T-Engineering "Igor Tabachuk.
13.05.2015 22:49:57
And for someone still a mystery, as it were. "It happened in 2000, I was thirty years old. I can not either analyze or explain. It was incomprehensible to me properly. Just like that I woke up and understand: do not want to and I can not live the way he lived before. And I try to understand why. Then he went to church and stayed - says Rodion Mamontov, the owner of the boutique Le Form. - I was driving whether on a bicycle, or even on some form of transport by the temple. He met with the father, talked, went to the temple - and began to walk. "
14.05.2015 04:42:38
"Of course, certain waste from the faith I had. Recent doubts have appeared in connection with the events surrounding the ROC actively replicable media: Clock patriarch with Pussy Riot. But I was fortunate enough to speak on this topic with Bishop Clement, Archbishop of Kaluga.
14.05.2015 05:14:06
He said all that is given to us in life, you need to strengthen the faith. Lord our experiences - both in life and in business. Conflicts around the church, he said, it was given to us as a test - the general director of LLC "Tech Line" Alexander Rohman. - I asked about Bishop hours patriarch. He told me in response to the parable of the ladybug on the edge of the field.
14.05.2015 05:38:46
It flew a fly and said that the field is full of waste. Then a bee flew in and said that on the set of colors and it is stocked with nectar. Be not like flies, but be like bees - said the lord - they are hardworking, good bear. Everything that happens in our lives - it's a test. This and guidance, at least try. If you concentrate only on the idea of comfort - no matter whether the material, whether spiritual - to turn into a vegetable. "
14.05.2015 12:00:16
Or, for example, the point of view of the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation, Judicial and Legal Affairs, civil society development, the former president of "Norilsk nickel" Andrei Klishas how should build relationships of church and state.
14.05.2015 12:01:33
"Unfortunately, people often do not realize what they are doing. For example, some politicians began to offer: let's create some religious codes. But we have the church is still separated from the state. You know, here I am a person who is close to the church, but I clearly understand that as soon as the church is spliced with the state, it would lead to trouble.
14.05.2015 12:18:09
This was one of the reasons that in the twentieth century church in Russia has undergone many persecutions and humiliations because the royal administration, which was really far from the interests of the people and church administration did not differ from each other in the eyes of the population. That is, in tsarist Russia, people perceived the bishop as an element of public administration as an official, - says Andrey Klishas.
14.05.2015 16:01:54
I believe that we have a church can best develop when it is absolutely independent institution. We have a sufficient number of bishops, have organs of ecclesiastical administration, there Statute of the Russian Orthodox Church, there is the Synod of Patriarch.
14.05.2015 18:07:28
And as they see fit to manage the church, let and manage. The Church must live within those laws that is the State, but to be independent. Therefore, for example, when I asked whether the effect on my work as a member of Parliament that I am an Orthodox, I say yes, affected. I made every effort to protect the church from state influence.
14.05.2015 18:11:00
As well, however, as to protect the state from invading the church. Because there are forces that are sometimes out of good intentions, and sometimes not very good to try to control the church side of the processes in a society where the Church should not interfere. On the basis of their religious beliefs, I believe that it is necessary to carry out a very clear and on this important institutional principle - separation of church and state. This benefit both church and state. "
14.05.2015 18:39:18
This orthodox businessmen are very well aware that while the imperfection of the ROC as a social institution it must be protected. Here is the opinion of Rodion Mamontov about the attacks on the church in 2012: "It can be compared to those as if the group of people who want as quickly as possible to worsen the health of our fellow countrymen with you until the last states to start such an attack against the doctors. Like, that these doctors require money, and go to the "Mercedes", a gold watch, and we are all sick.
14.05.2015 19:46:53
So can anyone find fault. Of course, we can only speculate and investigate any conduct, what purposes are guided by critics of the church. But for me personally, what would these people or guided, I know the benefit that I get from my faith, and I know that the church - the necessary institutions to maintain it, it is absolutely necessary. And the fact that in the church there are different people (the church - it's not only the clergy, it is the ordinary citizens, parishioners) - yes, there are all sorts of people. Like everywhere else.
14.05.2015 21:37:11
That is a modern enterprise-preneur-Orthodox far from radicalism. It is positive, the Church sees in value and appreciate the choice - free choice - in favor of Orthodoxy. Therefore, the relationship, for example, the introduction of the school subject "Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture" have a complex.
14.05.2015 22:02:59
Here are the words of Andrei Klishas: "I know many members of the clergy, faced with the father, who told me that they are not for anything their children on this subject will not be allowed. Because when Maryvanna that led civics, social studies or life safety (and there are more exotic options), suddenly begins to "Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture", it turns out badly.
14.05.2015 22:03:34
It turns out that a child from a religious family comes home from school and tells his parents is that their first wish - to protect him from the new object. So of course, I'm all for it, to teach children the basics of spiritual and moral life - is an important part of our historical and cultural development, but it should be done correctly and to prepare teachers. A run ahead of the engine here can be very dangerous. "
14.05.2015 22:24:45
So among entrepreneurs Orthodox spread very wise approach, which can be formulated as follows: the church should go to the people, to talk to the children in school, to go to social services, but its most important task - in fact a prayer. The church is not a social, not a charity or educational institution. This institution, whose mission - to pray to God, and for the people and for the country.
14.05.2015 22:31:06
And it is extremely important that the established view of the church as a spiritual institution. This means that the stated goal - to give people faith as another way of understanding the world - is achievable. What do we have a good chance to build a balanced society in Russia.
14.05.2015 23:25:33
In favor of such - positive - scenario is the fact that our interviewees regard their business as a kind of mission, and faith in God to help them follow the chosen path. We are talking about people who do not separate their work from the faith. Moreover, the country formed the community of like-minded entrepreneurs.
14.05.2015 23:25:58
"At first, you earn money, and then it would be desirable to improve the lives around you. Make better the lives of people who live nearby. Probably, all business, sooner or later there comes a period. Because I do not want to put up with some things that do not occur as they should be.
14.05.2015 23:57:45
And you want to to twist something, improve something, someone to help - as far as finances allow. So aspiring entrepreneurs donating a little money to charity, stand on a par with large-scale of its business in the small business probably spend even more - says Igor Chernogolovka Ekaterinburg businessman, president of GK "Penetron-Russia".
15.05.2015 06:15:53
In our town there is the Society of St. Nicholas, where people of different professions united - and businessmen as well. Reborn of Simeon trail, helping to Verkhoturye. However, there are different communities, not only Orthodox. Before, when I was just a philanthropist, I said that we perform the role of the state, which, they say, should take care of the poor.
15.05.2015 06:21:17
And now I think we should, on the contrary, to be grateful to people receiving a donation from you. I am grateful to them for what can help in some way. It is clear that I am not all I can to help, but someone - yes, and do it with pleasure. "
15.05.2015 06:44:09
Following the same religious principles miraculously transforms the business environment - is celebrated almost all our interlocutors. "At one point I looked back and saw on my way at different times there were people who guide me, strengthen faith. When I realized this, I began to better understand people, I began to see their heart, or something.
15.05.2015 06:51:23
Probably not exactly say. Around that time, and originated the project "European Legal Service". If before I was focused on the growth of personal wealth, then I felt badly, in fact, than to live always, without realizing it, I felt a desire to be useful to society, to bring good to people, to sow peace in the society ", - says Sergey Bekrenev.
15.05.2015 07:39:42
Certain principles which you profess, of course, limit the maneuver in a business environment. What can afford others, we can not afford, despite the fact that the financial losses are inevitable. But this generally does not become worse, quite the contrary
15.05.2015 07:50:19
And I just see that we have quietly formed around the environment of the people who one way or another, or close to the faith, or already churched people - said Valery Bocharov. - True faith purifies and strengthens the spirit, it gives peace of mind, the correct response and confidence in the future
15.05.2015 08:08:10
This believer is no criminal and a critical action in relation to himself or to his neighbor will never take. He is like a burned from the inside, it does not take root. Therefore, the more people, the less problems. Less would have to create legislation.
15.05.2015 09:36:37
Because in any case, be it business, politics, social activities, and the same journalism, the main thing - it is people. They decide everything and everything is determined
15.05.2015 14:13:57
I am sure that nothing I had not happened, I did not come to Orthodoxy. The ability to build partnerships honest I also cultivate it by faith. I do believe that the really great thing you can do only in the partnership, otherwise it is impossible. Donald Trump once said: "I used to say, find a smart, rich, talented people become their partners and trust them.
15.05.2015 14:32:34
Now I say, find a smart, rich, talented people become their partners, but do not trust them! "But how can you imagine that? Pick up his partner, and he did not trust them, trying to catch something.
15.05.2015 14:58:22
In that case you satisfied himself hell, only on the ground, - shares his thoughts Sergei Gabestro. - Lord may send us different tests, but most importantly - how you will act, a human or an animal, according to their own interests, rationalism. Rationalism - this is a good feeling, but without the ideological component of it turns a man into a machine for the production of banknotes.
15.05.2015 15:22:00
How can you build a life solely on consumption patterns? We must strive, of course, to do a little better and not bury your talent. "
15.05.2015 19:57:21
Some earned millions publication of such books. And I still can not cross the threshold, I was disgusted to publish such books. I believe that Christ did not bring us the telephone directories, to whom and under what circumstances to call on Heaven, - says the publisher George Gupalo.
17.05.2015 18:19:38
Most business crisis for religious reasons, I had fifteen years ago. I'm so fed up with our church shortcomings, I have decided to no longer with the church administrative and financial affairs do not have. Gone in the secular world of the book, something even reached. Enough for me for a year.
17.05.2015 18:20:28
And then somehow I woke up and thought: I'm doing what I publish? My compatriots are increasingly becoming Ivanov, not remembering kinship, the nation grows dull on the eyes, even the Soviet culture disappears, and I, a patriot and lover of Russian antiquity, publishes all sorts of nonsense?
17.05.2015 18:32:31
What do I say to myself then on his deathbed? Than justified his life? That's how I thought and thought, rolled up his sleeves and went back to our almshouse. It's hard, sometimes forces there, but the choice I made my own and is happy to act. Although believe me, that joy is often in tears. "
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