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Future Energy: Global Trends and Technologies


Ministry of Energy, Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science, Republic of Kazakhstan JSC "NC" ASTANA EXPO-2017", SREC Green Academy, National Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan National Academy of Natural Sciences, Association of Scientific and Technological Organization of the Republic of Kazakhstan 


Future of world energy is one of the major issues the world is currently facing. At the dawn of the XXI century, the mankind is suffering the consequences of climate change and environmental degradation more than ever. Leading international experts will share their views on ways to address the environmental and power supply problems through introduction of advanced technologies in the spheres of civil construction, mechanical engineering, primary industry and other branches of industrial and innovation development. 


increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the global energy system, as well as ensuring sustainable economic growth in the context of climate change. As is known, the use of fossil hydrocarbons is the largest source of emissions of carbon dioxide. Scientific community will outline the specific steps proposed to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide while maintaining economic growth.  

Key issues:

-scientific and technological component of the modern economy and future energy. - Eminent scientists and experts from the CIS and non-CIS countries will report on modern innovative technologies in the field of energy and impact of applied modern developments on the direction of the global and local economic development. 

Key themes most relevant to the content of the Panel Session will be addressed at the roundtable discussion:
“Prospects and Scenarios of “Green Economy” Development”
The roundtable will raise a wide range of issues related to technological innovations in the spheres of ecology, energy saving, renewable sources of energy and increase of efficiency of extraction and production of traditional energy sources.
Leading international experts that represent different branches of science and industry will jointly identify the modern trends in development of global economy and energy. 



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